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Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Modern

by June Holland

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, there are several kitchen style options that you can choose from. However, if you have decided that a modern look is right for you, you may find yourself wondering what exact changes you can make to modernize your kitchen and get the design style you are looking for. Get to know a few ways to make your kitchen more modern. Then, you can start planning your remodeling projects and get them underway as soon as possible. 

Go for White Walls

One of the main tenets of modern design is cleanliness. This design scheme calls for clean, bright spaces filled with air and space. One of the best ways to create this feel to your kitchen is to go with white walls in your kitchen design. 

Doing so will immediately make your kitchen feel more modern and brighten up the space. White is the cleanest color you can choose, making it ideal for any modern design scheme. 

Add Bold Color Accents 

Another side of modern design is boldness. Bold colors like a bright red or orange can be incorporated into your modern kitchen remodel as well. For example, your stove backsplash and/or range hood could be painted a bold color.

Alternatively, you could add smaller bold accents. For example, you could get a stand mixer to put on the counter in a bold color or a teapot to sit on the stove that is a bold red, orange, or yellow. The possibilities are endless. Just keep these accents to a minimum. One or two bold statement pieces look modern, but a bunch of color looks cluttered and busy which is not a part of modern design. 

Keep Your Counters and Spaces Open and Clean

As mentioned above, clutter is the antithesis of modern design. Modern design has an almost minimalist feel to it in that countertops and the like should have few things taking up space on them on a daily basis. A few things like a coffeemaker and a mixer are fine because they are used regularly and/or belong there, but having numerous items on the counters can be too much for a modern aesthetic. 

Because of this, you may have to install more cupboards or storage space to accommodate your items in the remodeling process. Consider what you want to put away from your counters and how much space that would require and then plan your remodel accordingly to give you the optimum storage space. 

Knowing these ways to give your kitchen a modern makeover, you can get the process started right away. 

To learn more about modern kitchen remodeling, contact an interior designer.