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Is Your Outdated Kitchen Depressing? What To Replace And What To Change On Your Own

by June Holland

If the kitchen in your home is in need for a desperate makeover but you have to pick and choose carefully what you keep or replace, you can work with a budget and still get the kitchen that you dream of. There are some areas where you want to do the work on your own and save, and others where you need to spend.

You'll want to look around the space and the materials to decide what you can live with, and what has to go to make the space more modern. You can sand and stain or paint wood cabinets or wood trim and baseboards around the kitchen. Painting the walls is also something to do on your own. Here are the things you can't easily change that you want to consider replacing.  


Countertops are one of the first things people see when they walk into your kitchen, and they are used every day. Upgrading the countertop is a great investment, especially if you can keep the cabinets in the space. Using a natural stone like quartz or granite is ideal, but even a Formica countertop will look great in your kitchen.


White or other colored appliances are going to make the space look dated. You can get builder sets of black or stainless steel appliances to replace the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator in the kitchen, instantly making the space look clean and fresh. Sell the old items to get back as much cash as you can.


If the flooring is linoleum, carpeting or anything else that's outdated you want to get it replaced. Any type of ceramic or porcelain tile, engineered wood or real wood, or other modern flooring option is going to modernize the space. Most of these flooring options are also something you can do on your own if you have the time.

Updating the kitchen is going to add a lot of value to the home and it's going to make the house look updated. Talk with the countertop experts to have the space measured so you can quotes for the different types of stone that you like, and find a flooring retailer that has sales. You can often get the wood or tile you want at a low cost if you don't have a huge kitchen, and if you watch the ads. Investing money in your kitchen is smart and you'll love the way it looks.