Transitioning Away From Apartment Style

Learn How To Turn A Shutter Into An Organization Station

by June Holland

Keeping your house well organized is the only way to have it run as smoothly as possible at all times. If you want a unique way to organize your mail and your keys, consider turning an old shutter into an organization station. It takes just a few hours to do and will allow you to always know where your mail or keys are when you need them. Use the following guide to learn how to transform your shutter into an organizational station quickly and easily.

Paint the Shutter

The first thing you need to do is take the shutter outside, sand it down with a piece of 80-girt sandpaper, and then paint it with some spray paint. Choose a color of spray paint that will pair well with the color scheme you have in your home. Allow the paint to dry for two hours before continuing.

Customize the Shutter

Customize the shutter with a monogram of the first letter of your last name at the top of the shutter. You can use a stencil to ensure that the edges of the letter are sharp and crisp. Use a small paintbrush and acrylic paint to ensure that the monogram is bold and easy to see.

Keep Mail Secure

You will be placing piece of mail between the slats of the shutter. You need to be sure that the mail will not be able to easily fall through the slats and land on the floor. Use industrial tape to cover all of the slats on the back of the shutter. This will keep the thin pieces of mail from being able to slide through the opening of the shutter.

Add Hooks

There are small screw hooks that you can add to the bottom of the shutter to hang your keys on when you come home from work. Use a measuring tape to measure the bottom of the shutter to determine how to evenly place them along the shutter. Make marks at each point where you want to place the hooks. This guide will ensure proper placement and create a professional look when you are finished.

Add Hangers

On the back of the shutter, add picture hanging brackets to the top of each corner of the shutter. Measure one inch down from the top of each corner of the shutter to ensure that the brackets are evenly attached. Use a screwdriver to screw the brackets into place.

Once the brackets are placed on the shutter, you can hang it. Be sure that it is hung in a place that is conveniently located near the door to your home. The closer it is to your door, the more likely you will be to use it. Talk to a professional like The Blind and Drapery Corner for more information.